First they came for the communists, and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a communist…

the void

David Cameron must have really enjoyed last Summer’s riots as he appears determined to cause another.  In possibly the most out of touch measure yet, he is planning to cause unprecedented youth homelessness by ending Housing Benefit for people under 25.

According to the Daily Telegraph, the DWP is plotting to force young people to go back and live with their parents should they become unemployed.  The chinless toffs in Government assume that everyone’s family can afford to keep a spare room for their kids for years after they may have left home.  After all, their Mummies and Daddies have plenty of space in their Home Counties country homes.

It is chilling to imagination the devastation this could cause.  Not content with destroying their educational chances and forcing them to work in Tesco for free, the Government now seems intent on forcing our young people to sleep on…

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