Lansbury Publishing – Inception


Lansbury PublishingI’m now officially a publishing house with a business banking account, yay! I will be considering third party manuscripts once my second book, Headliner, is available for retail this summer, but I initially thought about setting up the company to enable me to manage my different compositions from the same place. I’m figuring things out as I go and will only begin working with other authors when I can be sure to give them and their manuscripts the attention they deserve.

Headliner and its predecessor, Swallow, are contemporary fiction,  perfect for reading on the beach or lounging by a pool. The second novel has some of the same characters and some new ones, different story. I’m writing two method textbooks for beginner violin and piano (and keeping them under separate author names for branding purposes).

Back to the bank – I didn’t even have a business plan or financial forecasts or anything! Just my trade paperback, royalty check and internet tabs showing my Amazon account and websites (so they could tell it was me under the nom de plume), and God’s hand. I’m over the moon and motivated to write faster! :)

You can follow my author blog here > Ilyria Moon


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