Through Other Eyes


Two online friends (who shall remain nameless) wrote the following about me on different fora in threads about regular posters by regular posters. I just found this on my hard drive, while looking for article ideas to write about – I didn’t know I’d kept it! I’m glad I did, ’cause they ‘get’ me. I’m not always likeable, but I am authentic! 🙂

“This is Emma, in a bottle… or bottled… or if you like, the distillation of the essence…firstly, you have to realise two things about her:

1. She is in the top 5% of the population in terms of intellectual capacity

2. She is a Scorpio, which may mean nothing to some people, but it is significant to her

Emma is a person who is alternately driven and indolent – she is capable of great bursts of energy, and sustained periods of idle nothingness. She has times of complete abstinence – from sex, alcohol, drugs, work, whatever; then periods of frenetic indulgence… people find this hard to come to terms with, and don’t understand how she can swing from one extreme to the other. She is probably to some degree bipolar, and this always causes confusion in others till they get it.

Being a Scorpio, she is a person of great passion and intensity, and she will laugh uproariously with someone but is also capable of calling them everything from a pig to an elephant, both things to the person’s face, and to a large degree insensitive to how this might make them feel, good or bad. She is also fiercely loyal, and if you become her friend she will accept anything from you – in other words, she gives as good as she gets, and as a friend you can rely on the fact that if you cuss her out, it won’t affect your friendship, cuz she would do the same to you, and expect the same…

She doesn’t suffer what she considers to be fools gladly, and will be ultimately vindictive (the scorpion’s sting) when she feels like it. She cares little what people think about her, other than the people she is close to, and they will have accepted her unpredictability long ago.

On this forum, she has said herself she is close to few, and regards many here as sport, which is unfortunately what they don’t get; she will lay down a gauntlet just to see how people react, and more often than not she gets exactly the reaction she is looking for, and she will laugh about it. That picture perhaps paints her as overly cold, but she indulges here in an intellectual exercise in provocation, and few understand that about her.

Emma is therefore manipulative, but the irony is that she only manipulates those who allow themselves to be manipulated – she probably won’t thank me for saying this, as it may remove some of her fun… though enough people will disagree with me that it shouldn’t spoil her fun LOL.

So…. love her, or hate her, but for god’s sake react to her… Like me, she is a complete attention whore, and has admitted to it, so don’t let her down.

Oh, by the way, anytime you like, start a thread on the morality of drugs, which people lately here seem to have been focusing in on…I haven’t had one of those debates for ages…”

“Emma joined the forum around the same time as I did and I remember her having a few skirmishes with *** around that time as a newbie. She gave as good as she got which led me to believe she was… “smarter than your average bear”.

Though I wouldn’t say we are bosom buddies, I think we’ve always had a healthy respect for each other. I know part of her story, so I also know she’s come through a LOT of sh*t to get where she’s got. Maybe that’s where of her driving force to succeed in life comes from.

No person is one dimensional and as with anyone Emma has many facets. Some of which you will never find out by simply reading her posts. I do know however…

(a) Emma is a musician. I should really say “nuff said” there. But it’s something that’s almost written into her DNA. Creativity is at the heart of what she does and how she thinks.

(b) Emma is a black woman. A tall one at that! Of course some might say “Yeah? But so what?” Well I believe her heritage, race, physicality and gender are inextricably linked to what she’s experienced in life and how she views it. When reading many of her posts those points always come across to me.

(c) Thirty. Well I’m not sure if Emma is 30 years old yet but I can tell you its a milestone that makes you think differently about life. At 30 you reflect on the past a lot and also look to the future to see where you’re going…. e.g. Have I achieved all that I set out to? Where do I go from here? etc. Emma has always been a workaholic but these days – “the 30s rush” I call it – I think this Beatles lyric sums her up perfectly… “It’s been a hard days night, and I’ve been working like a dog.”

All in all, with Emma… what you see is not necessarily what you get.”


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